Oh, happy day! Waiting for Sparks is out in the world

My first women's fiction - out June first.
My first women’s fiction

A story idea from standing on the shore of Bear Lake in Utah is now a book to read and savor. If you like women who mess up and yet don’t give up–at least not forever–and heroes that miss it sometimes, then you will enjoy Waiting for Sparks. When Emma first walked into my mind, I saw her with so much inside her ready to come out. Sparks leaped into my head and I loved him instantly. Imperfect and so easy to look at, he wants more than his jet-setting life as a fireworks designer. Oh, and there’s a border collie in the story, too. What’s not to like?

Read the back cover copy below and see what you think. Once you’ve read it and liked it (see, I’m assuming you will), I’d love you to write a review SOMEWHERE.

And now, Waiting for Sparks

Sometimes love is right in front of you 

Emma Chambers wasn’t supposed to be spending July Fourth rescuing a handsome stranger and the holiday festival. New to town Doug “Sparks” Turner has an important job to do, yet it’s Emma who’s feeling the heat. No way the roving fireworks designer is the man she’s been waiting for, right?

Helping Emma makes Sparks long to name this his permanent home. Too bad Emma isn’t staying, especially given the life-changing secret she’s discovered. What Sparks is hiding could also keep him from earning Emma’s trust. Unless he can make her see that he’s a man worth taking a chance on.